Homecare Services Offered

  • From as little as 3hrs/day to as much as 24/7

  • In-home or to augment care in nursing facilities/rehabs

  • Caregivers available to take clients to appointments and run errands

  • Respite services with caregiver transportation to our Adult Day Center, The Meeting Place, open 5 days/week

  • Daily or weekly client check-in service available:

    • Long Distance Love program provides security in emergencies (storms, electrical outages, etc.), or for distant family needing
      oversight of parent's wellbeing.

  • Can be contracted by other agencies to fill times they can not cover 

  • Can be used by Choices for Care to satisfy needs unmet by other agencies, by subcontracting from Northeast Kingdom Council On Aging.


Why Choose Us?

  • Superior Availability and Reliability 
    • Only provider offering 24/7
    • We arrange for back-up fill-in coverage
    • 24 on-call support to handle after-office hour emergencies
    • Immediate response, next day coverage for most clients, 24/7 may take longer
    • Caregivers cover Orleans, Essex, Caledonia and parts of Lamoille counties
  • Responsive to Client Needs and Preferences
    • Schedule times to suit client's convenience with a 3 hour minimum shift. We tailor to the client, not the company or caregiver.
    • Responsive to client's likes/dislikes and concerns. We work hard to pair clients and caregivers. We have ongoing supervisory visits to assure satisfaction and re-evaluate client needs over time.
    • Immediate response to change in client needs or any quality issues
    • Launching unique care enhancement program: Personal Activity Plans for each client
  • Training is Key
    • More than half of our current caregiver staff hold or previously held LNA certificates
    • All non-LNA employees are expected to take 40 hours of caregiver certification training, provided by the Institute for Professional Care Education, in their first month of employment.
    • All employees, including LNAs, are expected pass a 30 hour Alzheimer's and Dementia series of classes in their second month
    • All staff is required to take additional training every year, we require more continuing education training than nurses in the State of Vermont! Our HR Manager tracks each caregiver's training, and assigns specific courses as needed to accommodate specific client needs or caregiver development
    • Additional in-service training as needed to deal with specific and immediate client needs
  • Best Practices
    • Meet or exceed all guidelines for best practices in the homecare industry
    • Care Plans are completed after initial assessment of service requirements
    • Activity Care Plans are developed and implemented after services commence 
    • Quality Assurance Client Visits exceeding HCAOA guidelines
    • Ongoing Q&A review team, formal quarterly review, and annual satisfaction survey
    • Four different background checks completed on each employee: 1) criminal,                2) adult abuse, 3) child abuse, 4) Medicaid fraud. 
   We accept most Long Term Care Insurance policies as well as VA Benefits through the Veterans             Independence Program (VIP)





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