Long Distance Love   
Daily, Weekly & After Storm Check-Ins:
A service to make sure someone is watching over the one you love. Whether you want us watching for specific situations - prescriptions up to date, food in the refridgerator getting eaten, dishes and laundry getting done - or simply providing a familair face for your loved one, Long Distance Love can fill that bill.
Daily or weekly visits let us serve as your eyes, so that you can be sure your loved one is taking care of the things needed.
While some individuals need more complete services to stay alone, many are still very independent and not ready or comfortable seeking out additional help. Long Distance Love lets us fill the gap between having total independence and having a friend close by. We can be your eyes and ears , making sure your loved one is safe, warm, and taking care of things they need to do to remain safe and healthy -  to continue to live alone.
Long Distance Love can be started at any time. Periodic visits will be set based on the schedule you need. Each visit is up to one hour and comes at a flat rate of $36.00 (once a week) or $32.00 (4 or more visits per week).
Please call 802-334-7604 or submit your information below to establish a plan and initiate services.

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